The soft way back in - skiing can be so easy!

"Skiing is like riding a bike - you never forget!" This phrase has been repeated time and time again by all sorts of ski school instructors who are in charge of helping adult "students" get back on their skis. The carving technique is quite easy to relearn. However, many adults who are considering getting back into skiing after a long break, whether that be due to family matters or after an operation, find that their uncertainty and inhibition threshold are more intense than they thought - but be brave! We have a large selection of accommodations in ski areas for returning skiers available. Have a look!

The soft way back in - skiing can be so easy!
The soft way back in - skiing can be so easy!

Skiing: Why Start Again?

The better question is: "Why not?" Why did you start skiing in the first place? Maybe because it's fun to move so freely throughout nature, to take in the fresh mountain air, or to enjoy sports with family and friends. If it was fun back then, then it should certainly be fun now!

Small Steps, Big Progress

Believe in yourself and give it a go. As soon as you strap on your skis, it's only a matter of time before the feeling of safety comes back. What's important to remember is to not rush; take it slow and pace yourself along the soft practice slopes. Slowly remember the forgotten feeling of skiing and celebrate little victories - this helps eliminate the fear, allowing fun to come back all on its own. In any case, older beginners and returning skiers should participate in ski lessons. With the right motivation and a good teacher, anyone can learn how to ski (again) at any age.

Returning Skiers: The Right Equipment

With the carving revolution upon us, the form and application of the skiing model has changed quite a bit. Modern winter sports equipment open up many opportunities for diverse learning. However, there's a different skiing technique that's being applied. Therefore, a proper course for carving newcomers is incredibly sensible, even when the "student" is already of age and is already a skier. The big plus: thanks to rocker construction, skiing is much easier than before. Most returning skiers are astounded at their speedy progress.

Returning Skiers: What Should I Know?

In order to ease back into skiing, it's important to find a beginner-friendly ski area even if you've already conquered black pistes at some point in time. With wide, gentle pistes, it's easier to get the feeling of being comfortable on skis back. Afterwards, you'll notice what you can handle and can slowly work your way back to more demanding pistes. On our website, you have the chance to filter your search results so that you're shown beginner-friendly ski areas, or to find the most fitting ski area for returning skiers with our Ski Resort Finder. This can be seen not only in the levels of pistes available, but also with whether or not there are special ski schools and courses available. This way, you're sure to rediscover your love of skiing!