Declaration of Consent

for booking and taking part in a ski holiday or booked holiday service (where the lead passenger is a minor).
Please fax (+49 221 33 60 62941), or scan and e-mail the declaration to as soon as possible, otherwise the reservation can't be processed!

1. I hereby declare my consent for the booking and participation of my underage child, ____________________, born on _______________, for the holiday to ____________________ on _________________ and join as co-debtor for the obligations of my child towards the operator arising from the booking.

As the legal guardian of the above mentioned person I am aware that this event is a holiday service which is does not focus on adolescents travelling on their own. There is no supervision provided.I also declare the operator of the holiday/the booked individual service free of liability, with regards to any harm that may be caused to the adolescent or caused by the adolescent traveller during the time of travel.

Location, date
First and last name of legal guardian
(please PRINT clearly)
Signature of legal guardian