Ski Holiday Packing List - Your Winter Holiday Checklist

The most important luggage for a ski holiday is certainly the equipment itself. However, along with skis and snowboards, you should also be sure to add warm ski/snowboard clothing to the list, such as a ski jacket, ski pants, hats/beanies, ski undergarments, ski socks and gloves. Further important items that should definitely be brought with you include sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, sunglasses and more. It's also recommended to take a small backpack with you if you plan on spending all day in the ski area - this way, you can take along snacks, drinks and even a camera!

In order to help you keep track of everything, we've put together a detailed list of necessary items that should most definitely be brought with you on your winter holiday. Simply print out this checklist and check off the items as you pack them.

Equipment OK Not necessary
Ski boots/snowboard boots
Helmet, if necessary (helmet compulsory for children in Austria and Italy up to, and including, the age of 14 or 18, respectively)
Boot dryer, if necessary
Multi-functional ski watch "Swatch Access", if necessary
Ski wax, if necessary
Ski/Snowboard Clothing OK Not necessary
Ski/snowboard jacket
Ski/snowboard pants
Ski socks
Ski goggles
Ski gloves
Ski mask, if necessary
Fleece jumper/jacket
Shirt made of breathable material
Long underwear
On the Piste OK Not necessary
Sunscreen with high SPF
Lip balm with SPF
First aid kit
Small backpack
Leisure Time OK Not necessary
Stationary & writing implement
Reading material
Documents and Finances OK Not necessary
Travel documents
Debit/Credit card
Cash (country's currency, if necessary)
Personal ID
Visa, if necessary, for international bookings
Proof of international health insurance
Miscellaneous OK Not necessary
Food for the journey (cereal bars, biscuits, beverages)
Photo/video camera and batteries or charger
Medicine (sport salve, Aspirin, plasters)
Personal items (toiletries, clothing, slippers/shower shoes, swimsuit/swim shorts)
Thin gloves
Alarm clock
Sewing kit/safety pins, scissors and adhesive tape (for small repairs)
Tea candles
Plastic bags
Holidays in Apartments/Studios OK Not necessary
Dish detergent
Dish towels
Starter set toilet paper
Food supplies
Bed linen/sleeping bag, if necessary
Self-drive Journey OK Not necessary
Snow chains
Work gloves
Ice scraper, de-icing spray, brush
Safety vest
Driving directions
GPS system, road maps

We wish you a great holiday!