Ski holidays for singles - Ski holidays for solo travellers

In recent years, the trend for many singles is to travel alone. The same counts for ski holidays. The reasons for this are often quite varied. Some people are so restricted by their work schedule that they simply can't travel at the same time as their friends. Others just don't have any friends who can ski or snowboard, but still long for a ski holiday. Even ski holidays for single parents with their children is becoming more common. Whatever the reason - anyone looking to spend their well-earned ski holiday lone will be sure to find a fitting offer in our selection.

Ski holidays for singles - Ski holidays for solo travellers
Ski holidays for singles - Ski holidays for solo travellers

Why take a ski holiday alone?

A common reason to go on a ski holiday alone is because of work. Oftentimes, the holiday schedule doesn't coincide with that of their friends', which usually results in the odd man out. Others may find that their friends now have families of their own and understandably wish to travel with them. Who could blame them?On the other hand, there are some who simply wish to take a ski holiday on their own. They enjoy the independence and the associated flexibility. Self-determination is a decisive role for them. They wish to organise their ski holiday exactly as they like and enjoy their freedom. Some singles wish to share this experience with their kids. For those individuals, they also benefit from the increased one-on-one time with their children.Should it be that your ski holiday has suddenly or involuntarily turned into a solo trip, there's no reason to be disgruntled. Ski holidays spent alone can also provide you with unforgettable experiences. The only thing to keep in mind is to consider what it is that you'd like to do during your holiday and plan around it.

The right ski holiday deal for singles

The keyword here is "planning". Those travelling alone should carefully choose a holiday destination ahead of time that will be sure to meet their expectations for a successful ski holiday. If you're looking to relax during your ski holiday, it would not be wise to spend a week in Ischgl. On the other hand, spending your holiday in a small, quiet ski resort will not aid you in your search to meet new people and make connections.Thanks to our enormous selection of accommodations, there's certainly something for everyone travelling alone. Whether you want to travel to a party paradise like Sölden, Ischgl or Mayrhofen, or wish to kick up your feet in Gastein Valley – a ski holiday with us as a single will be just what you're looking for! Singles travelling with children will often find special single rooms with additional beds for their children in many accommodations.

What should singles also consider when planning their ski holiday?

Those travelling alone throughout the ski area should be well-equipped. You should always have a backpack with you, which is packed with enough liquids and a pick-me-up for in between meals. A mobile phone with enough battery life in case of an emergency is also vital. Experienced skiers who enjoy quite a bit of off-piste skiing should also have a GPS transmitter on them. It's also recommended that you inform friends or family about your trip to the mountains and where you'll be staying and skiing. Ideally, if you wish, you'll get to know other skiers in resort with whom you can spend unforgettable days on the piste.
When keeping these tips in mind, nothing can stand in your way of an adventurous ski holiday as a single!