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Cross-country-trail Quality Seal Austria

Cross-country-trail Quality Seal Austria

Austria does not only offer its guests perfect Alpine ski areas, but also magnificent cross-country networks with well-prepared and sign-posted trails.

Resorts or even regions, which guarantee high quality standards and which are known to belong to the best cross-country areas in the country, can apply for a Cross-country-trail Quality Seal.

Besides an overall Quality Seal for Cross-country networks, which includes criteria such as at least a 30 km large network with at least 80 days of snow coverage, permanent maintenance and sign-posting with the km markings, there are also three further Quality Seals, where the criteria differ marginally from those of the main seal.

The three federal states Tyrol, Styria and Carinthia have each established a state-own seal, with own criteria and which is awarded by the state itself.

Only those networks than can fulfil all criteria, can be awarded the respective Quality Seal for 3 years, in Carinthia even for 5 years running.

Tyrol - "Cross-country-trail Quality Seal of Tyrol"

Tyrol -
In the federal state of Tyrol, the state government already introduced the "Loipengütesiegel des Landes Tirol" (Cross-country-trail Quality Seal of Tyrol) back in 1981. To be awarded this seal, the operators of a cross-country network have to fulfil a minimum amount of certain criteria, and some special criteria e.g. that it has to be a "closed cross-country network", whereby the majority of the … More

Styria - "Cross-country-trail Quality Seal of Styria"

Styria -
Guaranteed cross-country skiing quality awaits winter sports fans in Styria under the "Steiermärkische Loipengütesiegel" (Cross-country-trail Quality Seal Styria). The seal can only be awarded with regards to the state-specific criteria and only from the state government of Styria. These criteria include e.g. reliability for snow, perfectly prepared trails including skating-style tracks, security … More

Carinthia - "Cross-country-trail Quality Seal of Carinthia"

Carinthia -
Perfect conditions await all cross-country skiing fans in the federal state of Carinthia. The "Kärntner Loipengütesiegel" (Cross-country-trail Quality Seal Carinthia) is awarded by the state government of Carinthia to all those network operators who fulfil the respective criteria. A fulfilment is given with an appropriate reliability for snow, and a good selection of different trail types. … More