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Carinthia - "Cross-country-trail Quality Seal of Carinthia"

Perfect conditions await all cross-country skiing fans in the federal state of Carinthia. The "Kärntner Loipengütesiegel" (Cross-country-trail Quality Seal Carinthia) is awarded by the state government of Carinthia to all those network operators who fulfil the respective criteria. A fulfilment is given with an appropriate reliability for snow, and a good selection of different trail types. Further, the trails have to be regularly maintained and guaranteed usage has to be given.

If all criteria are met, the seal is awarded for a duration of 5 years. An extension of a further 5 years can be applied for in written form. The seal can however also be revoked by the state government, if any deficiencies occur during the running period, and which may cause the seal not be granted in case of a new application.

The state government issues a certificate to the operator. This includes the name of the area to which the seal was awarded. Further, the award has to be published in the Carinthian state newspaper.

Criteria for Cross-country Quality Seal

Which criteria have to be fulfilled to be awarded the seal?

  1. The cross-country quality seal can only be awarded to such areas, which fulfil the criteria of regular care and use of the trails.
  2. In exceptional cases, the seal may also be awarded to such areas, which can be used over approx. 3 months per year, due to a fortunate location (e.g. majority is shaded by trees) or due to artificial snow coverage!
  3. The cross-country quality seal can only be awarded to such areas, that have at least one 3 km long and one 5 km long trail (of which at least one has to be a blue trail and of which at least one can be used for all techniques, classic to free), as well as one training track, or at least 2 km of trails under artificial snow coverage.

Overview of resort with Cross-country Quality Seal

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resort Cross-country track km Nights from
8 km 2 - 7 €267
12 km 2 - 10 €159
8 km 3 - 10 €175
12 km 2 - 10 €159
25 km 2 - 10 €309
54.3 km 2 - 10 €155
25 km 2 - 10 €239
22 km 2 - 10 €125
20 km 3 - 10 €229
26.5 km 2 - 7 €230
12 km 2 - 7 €267